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January 30, 2013

Schlitzie is pissed! You better check out our online Catalog - Or ELSE!

We are currently working on a new shopping cart. To Place an order now, Contact Andy Gore personally at (443) 869-2603 or Email: gore@satassideshow.com
Battle Royale Tee Don't feed Fetus tee Things Go Better Tee Jesus Hates You Ed Gein tee Molested by Priest Tee faster Pussycat tee
The Omen Tee Zombie Tee Battle Royale Logo tee Stump Humper Tee Molested by Priest Dont Fuck w/Chuck tee Free manson tee
Molested by Priest Tee Ed Gein tee faster Pussycat tee Jesus Hates You Don't feed Fetus tee Battle Royale Tee Things Go Better Tee
It The Terror
Vincent Price

Charles Manson
Horrific Hat

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